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Whether you’re designing a new cannabis cultivation facility, or you’re ready to scale up to a larger operation, GrowRay’s PhD-driven team of biophysicists, lighting engineers, and photo-biologists has you covered. We are the industry experts in commercial LED grow lighting, manufacturing, and design. The expert team at GrowRay has the knowledge, and experience to craft fully integrated systems and technology solutions for your grow.

What Is Full Systems Integration?

At GrowRay, we are committed to designing high-performance energy-efficient LED grow light systems for real-world applications. We work to create the highest quality, customized LED grow lights that meet the specific needs and demands of commercial cultivators.

What makes Whole System Integration Unique with GrowRay:

  • We use the highest quality components in our builds. Simply put, these lights are built to last. If they have any problems our warranty has got you covered.
  • We want to provide you with the highest possible return on investment (ROI), our LED grow lights preform 50% better than HPS lights, and provide 25-35% CapEX & OpEX Savings.
  • Our team works with you to ensure that our installation is optimized to not only increase your yield but have a fully integrated lighting system.
Why Choose GrowRay for Systems Integration?

Our LEDi represents the integration of high-quality components, the latest technology, and yield results in the commercial grow market. The integration of Thermal Engineering and Ph.D. Spectrum Science led to a durable and reliable product that is not only powerful and energy-efficient but also builds the optimum lighting environment.

Our process includes the integration of “Whole System LED Optimization” on your project, from system design to Horticultural SOPs.

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