A Team of Industry Experts

GrowRay’s PhD-driven team of biophysicists, lighting engineers, and photo-biologists have developed the first truly viable, industrial-grade adaptive LED lighting system designed specifically for cannabis. GrowRay lights provide substantial cost savings and significantly increased crop yields.

  • Experts in industrial LED lighting, manufacturing and design
  • Horticultural scientists
  • Engineers with ​over 30 patents, 3 more pending

Alan Bonsett

Board Chairman

Alan Bonsett, a longtime resident of Colorado, worked in real estate development & lending for 17 years. He began working with medical marijuana in 2012. His drive and expertise, along with a vast network of professional contacts (both inside and outside the cannabis industry) has made him a respected leader in the ever-expanding development of marijuana cultivation and extraction facilities.  Alan is passionate about the healing properties of cannabis. He is dedicated to helping growers and facility operators consistently provide better, cleaner, and safer products for the public.

Ash Ganley

Chief Executive Officer

Ash has been a leader at the forefront of cannabis LED horticulture since 2011.  In his past endeavors, he provided strategic and product consulting to public and private company executive teams, participated in numerous design/build projects and successful cultivation license applications, integrated LED systems design into the cannabis space, led LED cannabis optimization research, which yielded industry-first milestones and results, and developed team building expertise, which helped him form an excellent, high-value, consultation-based sales record.

Mark Goth

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Goth, a 25-year resident of Colorado who has worked in electrical and mechanical engineering for over 22 years, securing multiple patents along the way. Mark’s strong management and organizational expertise enable him to build teams that are powerful, efficient, and creative. With a solid history of local companies such as RLE Technologies, Vergent, and Carefree of Colorado, Mark is passionate about leading GrowRay into its next phase of growth through 2019 and beyond.

Barry Davis

VP Sales

Barry Davis began his career in 1987 with Eagle Investigations, which focused on insurance defense. In 1999 he left that company to build another in the same field, Tri-State Investigations. In 2012, he switched gears and entered the automotive industry, working as a salesman for one of the largest used car dealers in Kentucky before moving into the position as the director of finance. He became VP of Sales for GrowRay in 2019.

Jeff Hohensee

VP Operations

Jeff Hohensee specializes in operationalizing and scaling world-changing ideas from innovative businesses. He has led efforts to hone and execute new business plans in several companies including The Alliance Center, Barclays Bank, Heller Financial and Natural Capitalism Solutions

Jordan Stauder

Commercial Cannabis Advisor

Jordan is a visionary, results-driven leader with a proven track record of managing licensed cannabis cultivation, laboratory and dispensary operations. With a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Jordan is passionate about producing high quality cannabis products sustainably. He excels at crafting cost-effective solutions based on industry and sustainable business best practices to produce exceptional products and strong financial results.

Patrick J Fiore

Facilities Consultant

Patrick J Fiore, Jr is a nationally-licensed contractor with extensive experience building cannabis facilities and a pragmatic understanding of cannabis growing. A master carpenter who has built custom homes all over Colorado, Patrick has also worked in Antarctica as a seasonal contractor and heavy equipment operator. Patrick worked for Particle Management Technology building cleanrooms in ISO-rated production facilities, and for pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as Northrop Grumman and Browns Compounding. There he installed and programmed environmental controls, and hardware and software facility-monitoring systems. Patrick worked for Automatics and Machinery where he refurbished robotic CNC equipment. He owns and operates a commercial construction company responsible for built office spaces, restaurants, airplane hangars, remote communication huts and numerous cannabis grow operations and dispensaries.

Ivan Kruglak

Co-Founder/Research and Development Team

Ivan Kruglak, also the CEO of PhytoSynthetix, is an electrical engineer with a professional career as an entrepreneur and inventor. He has successfully developed over 50 separate products – from idea to execution and commercial production. Ivan founded and later sold two successful companies in the electronics field. In addition, the multi-talented Kruglak has received two Academy Awards for Technical​ Achievements in the motion picture industry.

Jay Malito

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Jay Malito, a 20-year veteran in revenue generating partnerships, joined GrowRay as VP of Strategic Partnerships in 2020.  Jay has held regional and national sales and business development positions for IMG, CBS and The Parking Spot.  He is passionate about creating true partnerships that benefit all parties involved and developing comprehensive plans to create and maintain sustainable success.  Originally from Chicago, Jay now resides in Lyons Colorado where he enjoys MC’ing and DJ’ing at elementary, middle and high school events.  Jay and wife Kim have been together for 28 years, married for the last 20, and have two children: Lia and Ronin.

Ryan Hunt

Co Founder/Biophysicist

Ryan Hunt is a biophysicist with a Master’s Degree in Biological Engineering. ​He has conducted research on LED-based grow lighting systems for optimizing photosynthesis and has a vast knowledge of ​plant science and living systems. He is also a co-founder of Algix, a bioplastics company that makes algae-based polymers.

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