Greenhouse Cultivation

Proven Results in Cannabis Greenhouse Applications

Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

GrowRay’s LED’s are proven to increase yield, benefit root structure, produce healthier plants and reduce time to harvest. GrowRay manufactures the world’s best supplemental lighting solution for cannabis greenhouse applications:


  • GrowRay’s patent-pending Adaptive Controller adjusts the lights in real time assuring your plants receive the ideal amount of high quality light at all times.
  • Many supplemental lights block sunlight from reaching greenhouse plants. Our patented triangular light bar has a streamlined form to reduce shading and reflects available sunlight back into the canopy. This combination reduces shading to an industry leading 8%.

Adaptive Controllers
for Greenhouses

GrowRay Adaptive Controllers serve to optimize lighting throughout a greenhouse. Each luminaire has its own sensor, effectively providing plants with their own “light meter.”  If a particular section of a greenhouse is shaded from the early morning sun, GrowRay’s  grow lights with Adaptive Controller will automatically adjust to provide the plants with the ideal level of light. At the same time, ​lights on the eastern side of the greenhouse would be dimmed or turned off. This reduces energy consumption and provides every plant the correct PAR at all times.

GrowRay’s Adaptive Controller adjusts light intensity in real time based on available sunlight. If full sunlight is available, GrowRay grow lights are automatically turned off.  When available sunlight is diminished, the lights are turned on in a linear fashion, with just a little supplemental light output for a passing cloud, to full on for a rainy day, or short winter days. Adaptive Controller automatic dimming thresholds are factory set to begin adding supplemental light when measured sunlight levels fall below 900 PAR.  GrowRay Adaptive Controllers thus provide plants with the correct light level for optimal growing results.

“We added GrowRay supplemental lights to our existing grow. We determined that adding additional light and adjusting our pruning to take advantage of it has increased dry weight per square foot between 10% and 30%, by improving growth and density of the flowers.  The flowers also showed visibly increased trichomes.  In addition to the additional dry weight and trichome production, another great benefit is that our bloom cycle has been consistently reduced by up to 7 days, translating into additional output per square foot annually.  Customer Testimonial – 2017-2018, 4 Cycles, 6 strains.

Maintain Perfect Lighting


GrowRay’s Adaptive Controller ensures optimum light levels throughout the entire crop cycle while minimizing the amount of energy expended.


Using the only analogue light controller on the market, GrowRay’s patented sensor monitors the sunlight available for every fixture in real time and adjusts light output immediately to provide ideal light for every plant at all times.

Full-Spectrum Lights

Reduced Shading

Maximize ​Available Sunlight

Full-Spectrum Lights

Many greenhouse growers choose to not use supplemental lighting, even though they know it can extend the growing season and even provide additional harvests. Why? In greenhouse environments, supplemental lights will block a significant percentage of sunlight. This means that supplemental lights have to be turned on more frequently to offset the shadows they create, causing a big bump in electric bills and more labor tracking when the lights should be on, or poor plant growth if forgotten.

owRay’s patent-pending luminaires minimize the loss of available sunlight. At only 8% shading, GrowRay offers the smallest shadow of any light on the market. One look at the non-streamlined shape of competing lights tells the story–large shadows covering valuable plant canopy. Other brands hide their true shading numbers by claiming that their lights can be placed under existing struts or beams. This is an impractical and unrealistic solution in most greenhouses. GrowRay’s unique shape passively reflects sunlight to the canopy below. This allows plants to receive the maximum available daylight in almost every greenhouse environment throughout the day.

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