Maximize Cultivable Space with GrowRay

Unparalleled Results
in Commercial Cultivation Facilities

Better Yields

75+ Grams per Ft2, 35% less energy use and over 20% increased Terpene & Cannabinoid content compared to Legacy HID lighting systems

Uniform Light Distribution

Precisely engineered multi-bar system delivers optimal PPFD uniformity across entire canopy

Full Spectrum for Cannabis

Grow Ray’s PhD-designed Ratio-Based™ spectrum has been specifically designed for to coax maximum production at the highest efficiencies

Energy Savings & Rebate Optimization

GrowRay LED lights can cut your energy consumption up to 35% vs. outdated HPS technology. Our team also provides the best turn-key rebate support in the industry, having secured $millions in direct-pay rebates for our clients in 2020 alone

Highest Levels of Academic Research

Our R&D team includes an industry-first blend of licensed cannabis growers, horticultural PhDs, and proven experts in thermal engineering, optics and efficiency research

Thermal Engineering for Long Life

GrowRay lights are purposefully over-engineered for longevity and reliability, with the highest quality components in the industry, including graphite thermal circuit board substrate and the most robust heat sinks available to cannabis cultivators

Engineered to produce the
Fastest Return on Investment


Energy savings compared to HPS


Lower cost HVAC installation and ongoing operating expenses

Year warranty on all parts and labor.

Case Study
5,000 FT2 Cultivation Facility

Estimated CAPEX

  • Down Payment: $182,500
  • Rebsate: $45,000
  • Finance: $182,500

Total LED Cost $365,000

Estimated OPEX

  • GRT LED: $120,000
  • DE HPS: $175,000

Estimated Revenue

  • GRT LED: $2,750,000
  • DE HPS: $2,250,000

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