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High-Performance Commercial LED Lighting & Adaptive Controllers for Cannabis

The cannabis industry has experienced exponential growth in technology over the last five years. GrowRay’s PhD-driven team of expert scientists and engineers have been at the forefront of commercial LED grow light research and development. Our full-spectrum lighting system provides master growers complete LED lighting solutions designed to minimize cost, maximize efficiency, and increase overall yields through GrowRay’s full-spectrum lighting technology.

Why Does Full Spectrum Lighting for Cannabis Matter?

Experienced cannabis master growers know plants perceive and adapt to their environmental surroundings throughout their life cycle. GrowRay’s full-spectrum LED lights have been proven to increase indoor cannabis cultivation efficiency and yields. Research in the cannabis industry points to more data reinforcing the benefits that full-spectrum commercial LED lighting provides in commercial grow operations.

The integration of a GrowRay commercial LED lighting system enables you to use far less electricity than a traditional HPS light and has data-backed evidence supporting full-spectrum lighting as the best option when it comes to lighting that mimics the intensity and spectrum of natural light from the sun.

Commercial LED Lighting Options for Cannabis Growers

GrowRay offers four different styles of full-spectrum lighting for cannabis grows to ensure your plants get the right wattage, light intensity, and complete coverage. GrowRay’s full-spectrum lighting systems provide your company with high-performance commercial LED lighting that has been proven to increase yields and efficiency in commercial grow operations.

Take Your Commercial LED Lighting System to the Next Level

In addition to industry-leading full-spectrum lighting for cannabis grows, GrowRay also designed the very first self-contained, Adaptive Light Sensor and Controller. The Sensor and Controller unit optimizes your commercial LED lighting system to provide the perfect amount of light at all times. This ensures your plants get true full-spectrum light on a consistent cycle that emulates a natural outdoor environment.

Contact the GrowRay team today and learn how we can help you achieve the best lighting system for your commercial cannabis greenhouse.

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