GrowRay Technologies

High Performance Horticultural LED-X Lights and Adaptive Controllers / Sensors

TR1 - 100 Watts

TR4 - 400 Watts

TR6 - 600 Watts

TR8 - 800 Watts

Adaptive Controller


LED drivers boast 90+% efficiency AND a 7-year warranty.

Universal power: 95 to 305VAC / 347VAC & 480VAC for Canada.

Full-spectrum lights penetrate through the canopy and produce much healthier and more fully developed biomass than HPS or red/blue LED lights.

Supplemental far-red light ​supports enhanced ​morphological response.

Evenly distributed light delivers equal yield from edge to edge of the growing area.

Modular for easy upgrades and rare repairs.

CAD modeled and field-tested optical system for best performance and minimum light loss.

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