TR6 - 650 Watts


Full spectrum lights penetrate through the canopy and produce much healthier and more fully developed plants than HPS or red/blue LED lights

Includes supplemental far-red light to enhance desired morphological responses

Evenly distributed light to ensure uniform yield from edge to edge

Greenhouse low-shadow luminaire shape reflects light into canopy (patent pending)

Engineered for optimal thermal management to provide exceptional longevity and reliability

  • Input Voltage: Autosensing 90-305VAC @ 50/60Hz, 347VAC & 480VAC on request
  • ​AC Cordsets:  15′ length with NEMA terminations for 120-277VAC or bare leads for hard-wiring
  • Input Power: 720W at wall, >90% efficient, 0-10V dimming (<0.5V = off)


GrowRay LED grow lights consistently produce substantial cost savings, increase dry weight yields and improve potency.

They are engineered to reduce energy consumption up to 40% on lighting as well as up to 25% on HVAC.

Our science based technology delivers a full spectrum and uniform light intensity across the entire canopy.

GrowRay LED grow lights produce optimal cannabis health in all stages of growth.

With our ceramic potted Osram LED’s and superior thermal design, you can expect over 65,000 hours of service from our lights (at 12 hours a day, that is almost 15 years).

GrowRay’s service paired with our unmatched 7-year warranty is a combination for consistent success.

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