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Unparalleled Results
in Commercial Cultivation Facilities

Better Yields

Typical 10% dry weight yield improvement with supplemental CO2 and other GrowRay LEDi optimization protocols.

Plant Health Improvement

 More robust plants and earlier flowering

Biomass Increase

Cultivate 2X to 4X more plants where electric companies limit power to greenhouses (compared to HPS lights)

Higher Potency

GrowRay lights produce optimal cannabis health in all stages of growth, providing the highest potency plants.

Most Reliable

Our R&D team includes PhDs in photobiology and horticulture, engineering talent in lighting, power, design, and electrical experts. ​

Thermal Engineering for Long Life

GrowRay lights are engineered to outperform and outlast all other LEDs and allow us to provide a full 7 year warranty.

Engineered to produce the
Fastest Return on Investment


Energy savings compared to HPS


Lower cost HVAC installation and ongoing operating expenses

Year warranty on all parts and labor.

Financial Performance

Financial Comparison of LEDi versus HPS

  • 12,500 sq. ft. installation with 664 lights
  • 40% LED Utility rebate
  • 25% smaller HVAC system needed for LEDi’s

Cost Per light

  • $1,499 for GRT TR6
  • $489 for DE HPS

    GrowRay Cost Benefit

    • Similar upfront Capital Expense (CAPEX)
    • 43% lower annual Operating Expenses (OPEX)
    • 9% higher annual Revenue
    • 25% higher annual Bottom Line

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