The Greenhouse Advantage

Better Science. Better Engineering. Better Cannabis.

When it comes to cannabis supplemental greenhouse lighting, Grow Ray stands alone in the industry. We offer two game-changing, patented solutions that represent the only LED options that really work in greenhouse applications. 

Every other LED company marketing to the cannabis greenhouse industry has a fatal flaw:

Despite the fact that only ‘multi-bar’ LED fixtures are capable of delivering even, homogenous light to the total targeted canopy, Grow Ray’s competitors have all ‘run’ from the shading problem by drastically reducing the size of their fixtures, resulting in extremely poor light coverage anywhere within the canopy except for directly underneath the fixtures.

Cannabis Grown With Full Spectrum LED

Disrupting the Industry Standards

GrowRay is the only PhD-driven LED company able to offer a multi-bar system that really works in greenhouses to uniformly cover the entire canopy with high light levels without adding undesirable shading.

GrowRay has solved the serious shading issue that hinders the performance of other LED manufacturers with the patented “Triangular Shade Reduction” bar shape. This unique innovation creates GrowRay LED fixtures comprised of precisely angled, triangular light bars of highly polished, ultra reflective aluminum that actively direct and reflect sunlight down onto the canopy beneath the fixture. This creates a ‘total shading profile’ that is less than any other LED system (even less than HPS) and allows for uniform, homogeneous PPFD without additional shading, taking advantage of LED’s inherent optical focus and precise distribution efficiency without sacrificing the maximum use of natural sunlight!

This allows for more light, more uniformity, more production, dramatically greater efficiency and more profit.

Triangular Extrusion Form (pat. pending)


The unique geometry of the patented triangular extrusion reduces the cost of supplemental greenhouse lighting by reflecting sunlight lost by other manufacturers’ lights onto the canopy. The GrowRay triangle also reduces the absorbed heat from the sun compared to other fixtures, which significantly lengthens LED lifetime.

Adaptive Light & Sensor Control

Lowest Possible Energy Use with Maximum Results

GrowRay is pleased to offer the very first self-contained Adaptive Light Sensor and Controller (patent-pending) for optimizing light levels in greenhouses to provide the perfect amount of supplemental lighting. The Adaptive Sensor measures the amount of sunlight available at each fixture location and tunes the output of the light up or down to maintain even PAR levels at all times.  Every Grow Ray fixture only uses only the absolute minimum amount of electricity required to supplement natural sunlight, without the need for any software or modeling. GrowRay sets each sensor at the factory to a specific PAR number; any time natural sunlight intensity dips beneath this threshold, Grow Ray lights produce just the amount of light required to make up for the missing PPFD.


Keeps the light levels at the optimum intensity recommended by the “Lighting Profile” ensuring consistent homogeneous crop production regardless of seasonal and daily variations while minimizing electricity use.


GrowRay’s Adaptive Sensors eliminates the risk of crop production delay and under developed crops–the chief problems in greenhouses and nurseries.

The GrowRay adaptive lighting system removes the uncertainty of lighting conditions over the year and ensures the required supplemental light amount during fall and winter.


The individualized light adjustment precisely matches the different lighting requirements according to the variable ambient lighting condition inside the greenhouse, ensuring maximum light use efficiency.


Adaptive sensor controlled lights can be adjusted according to the crop lighting profile. The same lighting hardware can be used for different crops under different conditions.